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You’re an expert at what you do. Now it’s time to learn how to turn it into a profitable online business.

Gone are the days of crickets and small change.

It’s time for you to finally have the $5,000 months you’ve been craving.

I get it. You’ve invested in a few small programs before. You’ve spent hundreds of hours learning.

This platform is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

I am mixing content with structure, and accountability with sisterhood.

Are you ready to be fully supported?

Because it’s about time you were making the money in your business that you truly desire. And I’ll tell you from experience, it’s totally possible for you.

When you join the Creative Corner Mastermind, you’ll gain access to everything you need in order to:

:: Create your first $5,000 month with a solid structure and plan that you can rinse and repeat again and again

:: Sign your first high level coaching client through my no-more-money-objections sales system

:: Become a known expert in your industry and gain insane visibility online so people are raving about you, recommending you and looking for you

:: Discover how to create content that leads you straight onto ideal clients vision boards and turns you into a 5K a month coach

:: Create packages and programs that your ideal clients crave and that easily sell out without huge launches

:: Consistently book discovery calls with ease through Facebook posts, challenges, email marketing and sales funnels

Can this really be possible for you?

Yes. How do I know? Because I’ve done it.

Not too long ago, I was making $2,000 a month as a virtual assistant.

That was before I decided to step into my power and make big things happen.

Now, 5K WEEKS are my new normal. So I have no doubt that 5K months can be yours.

I do it. My clients do it. It’s time you do it.

Ready to join us?

I have found Taylor’s material to be excellent & what I love the most is her support. She goes extra mile for you. Finds out what you need help with & delivers it.

Lorna Poole

Taylor is a walking talking fairy godmother, genie and all round wonder woman rolled into one with so much appreciation, caring and kindness towards everyone in this group. I’m so grateful to be part of it!

Tracy Roberts

The Creative Corner Membership and Mastermind includes:

:: A new training every month to push you forward and help you improve your results month after month

:: Monthly live Q&A calls so you can have your questions, doubts and fears addressed and solved always go full force confidently in your business

:: Access to the Creative Corner Mastermind Facebook group with dozens of other women who get you, support you and life you up

:: Unlimited feedback on your emails, social media posts, videos, landing pages – whatever, so you always get the best results from your marketing possible

Taylor is your lady for strategy and making goals happen! She’s great at clearly explaining how to put the pieces of your business together and create big shifts in your marketing.

Ariel Frey

Taylor Manning is a straight-up superstar. She is smart, creative, insightful, and extremely strategic. She understands the big picture, and does a wonderful job supporting her clients in crafting high-functioning marketing systems. She is so generous in sharing knowledge and expertise with optins, ads, funnels, and helps her clients apply it to their business in a fresh and memorable way.

Sarah King

Hi, I’m Taylor.

I am the creator of the Creative Corner Mastermind. I help women entrepreneurs turn their offline expertise into thriving online businesses through marketing and sales strategy. I’ve not only built my own six figure business, but I have a background running launches and campaigns for six and seven figure entrepreneurs which has helped me learn exactly what works and what doesn’t online.

I may make running a six figure business look easy now, but trust me, in the beginning it was hard. I had trouble charging my clients anything over $15/hour. In fact, when I first started bringing on high level clients, I still held on to my clients paying me that rate out of fear.

Now, I book discovery calls with ease. I’ve created a sales process that allows me to hardly ever hear no on the phone. Many of my clients are repeat clients. I know I can easily create 10k months. I don’t doubt my potential, my ability or my future. Sound like something you’d like?

I’m teaching it all to you in this mastermind. I can guarantee you that if you follow the processes and strategies I teach and actually implement them, you will get results and you can reach $5,000 months. I can also guarantee that this is the best $37/month investment your business has seen. Want proof? Read the amazing testimonials I’ve received and join us on the inside – you have nothing to lose.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. This is the best $37/month you can spend on your business – I’ve made sure of it.

It’s time to stop wasting days, weeks and years learning from freebies that don’t show you the whole picture or process.

The way the mastermind is broken down, allows you to understand your purpose behind what I have you implement and actually gets you results.

If you desire to make $5,000 months from your coaching business, you’re just searching for guidance and accountability – this is for you.

I joined Taylor’s mastermind for her incredible training on how to excel on Facebook and also how to rock my discovery calls. It’s so so amazing having her video training in the palm of my hand anytime I need help with an aspect of my business! It’s like her brain is always with me! My favorite part of the mastermind has been the way she is so transparent. She tells you all about her flops and how she fixed them. You don’t get to hear that side of successful business owners very often. On top of Taylor being a boss lady with transparency and integrity… The actionable training is priceless. I love her training on how to package your services and make that package stand out… Holy moly I needed that SO BAD. Another through the roof training that I benefited so much from is her sales training! She makes scoring a yes without dripping sweat from nerves a breeze! This mastermind is worth about 10x the price so it was a no brainer for me.

Brie Beeks

The Mastermind keeps us accountable to our weekly tasks to keep our businesses, blogs and sites moving forward. Taylor provides so much value with her videos and is always available to answer our questions. I’m so glad that I joined because I needed the support to take steps out of my comfort zone and expand my blog into a business. I’m on my way to creating my dream and I owe a lot to Taylor Manning for believing that I could start, even with a full-time job and a busy life!

Gina Karas

This was a no-brainer for me, Taylor. Simply put, you kick ass. thanks for making this happen!

Justine Ancheta